ES7 In 7 Days

Learn the core of ES6, ES7 and ES8 in just seven days! Master every thing from async/await to generators to arrow functions.

What you will learn

Day One

On day one you will review JavaScript concepts
  • Learn why everything in JS is an Object
  • Learn the difference between == and ===
  • Master this, closures, and prototypes
  • Learn how scoping works in JS

Day Two

On day two you will
  • Learn about let and const
  • Learn how let solves hoisting bugs
  • Learn when you should use let and when you should use const
  • Learn => functions

Day Three

On day three you will
  • Learn how to use ES6 modules
  • Learn why ES6 modules are static and why it is awesome
  • Learn how to create Classes
  • Learn how to use template literals

Day Four

On day four you will
  • Learn how ES6/ES7 enhances objects with new features
  • Learn how destructuring can reduce boilerplate
  • Learn about rest and spread
  • Learn how to declare defaults for arguments

Day Five

On day five you will
  • Learn about iteratators and generators
  • Learn how to construct your own interators
  • Learn how to use generators to manage async code
  • Learn how generators can be used to manage promises

Day Six

On day six you will
  • Deep dive into Promises and finally grok them
  • Make your own promises and async functions
  • Learn about async/await and how it makes async code look synchronous
  • Learn how to use aync and await to manage promises

Day Seven

On day seven you will
  • Learn the new Map data structures and when/why you should use them
  • Learn about new Set data structures
  • Learn what Proxies are and how you use them
  • Make your own observables with Proxies